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"Then, in the sweetest of movements, the Lord collected my dust & breathed life in again
as He had done so many times before, and with eyes of lightning and vocal chords of thunder,
He whispered: Child of mine, burn no more."

the curtains pulled back...


The curtains pulled back to reveal a small and cowardly iteration of myself. There was a microphone and a pulpit-like structure in front of me. Many eyes of many men focused intently on me. They wanted me to tell me what they wanted to hear. And I was afraid, so I told a lie. They applauded so hard that their hands began to bleed. I think they knew I told a lie. I think they clapped so loudly to drown out the thought of what was true. Or maybe they clapped to make me feel alright for what I had done. It didn’t matter. I felt ashamed.

Day 05 & 06 | The new normal.


may 16th & 17th, 2014

Whole30 has already started to feel really normal. image
Yesterday, my sweet boyfriend prepared me the most delicious salad for lunch and brought me unsweetened tea from Starbucks! So, so nice! He’s been so supportive, which has made Whole30 a lot more manageable and fun for me…

in reference to the last quote I reblogged:

curious (adj.)
eager to know or learn something
   • expressing curiosity
synonyms: intrigued, interested, inquisitive, agog


care (v.)
feel concern or interest; attach importance to something
   • feel affection or liking:
   • like or be willing to do or have something
(care for) look after and provide for the needs of
synonyms: be concerned, mind, be interested, love, be fond of, want, desire, tend to


I think curiosity & care go hand-in-hand. I think one typically expresses curiosity if he or she cares. If I care about someone - if I feel concern for them, if I’m interested, if they are important to me, I will typically be curious about them - eager to know or learn more about them. Interesting. To me, the quote made it seem like curiosity was bad and care was good, but I think maybe you don’t arrive at care without first being curious, and you don’t show you care and grow in care without maintaining and demonstrating a curiosity.

Jesus was more brokenhearted, scarred and betrayed than anyone in history. Yet, He did not shut Himself off from us; Instead, He calls us unto Him. If you cannot trust anyone, right now, please trust Him. His scars are proof that you are loved more than you know. He will guide you through this pain, He will sit with you when you are weak, and He will carry you until you can walk again. Christ wants to see you run again, He wants to see you live in His glory. You just have to take His hand and walk; it will take all of you, but you will get all of Him.

He is worth it.

—    T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via kvtes)

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A tiny play in one tiny act



A ping pong table in a garage in California. An 8 year old boy and 36 year old man are playing.

8-year old: I feel a little weird.

36-year old: How come?

8-year old: I don’t know.

36-year old: Well what kind of weird. Can you tell what it is, what it feels like?

8-year old: I feel awkward.

36-year old: Awkward?

8-year old: Yeah.

36-year old: Do you know why?

8-year old: No, I just do.

36-year old: That’s okay. I feel a little awkward tonight too.

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it took me time to realize that the sky changes just as quickly as i do so i’m sorry for everything

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